Thursday, June 25, 2009

Big news

I am Pregnant with baby #3!

My due date is the 4th of March 2010 and I am 4 weeks pregnant today!
I cant wait to get big and round! and I cant wait for all the different Pregnancy tid bits (You know, Like baby kicks and watching your belly do "the wave".

I am So undecided, about where I am going to give Birth this time. I love My midwife but I don't want to leave state this time around, I would love to just give birth at home...

I don't know if I am up to a UC, I don't know if I am really there yet. I trust my body, but do I trust my brain enough to know what to do if I hemorrhage (I did with my youngest daughter)

I guess I will Figure out what to do I have 8 more months to decide!

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