Thursday, June 25, 2009

Big news

I am Pregnant with baby #3!

My due date is the 4th of March 2010 and I am 4 weeks pregnant today!
I cant wait to get big and round! and I cant wait for all the different Pregnancy tid bits (You know, Like baby kicks and watching your belly do "the wave".

I am So undecided, about where I am going to give Birth this time. I love My midwife but I don't want to leave state this time around, I would love to just give birth at home...

I don't know if I am up to a UC, I don't know if I am really there yet. I trust my body, but do I trust my brain enough to know what to do if I hemorrhage (I did with my youngest daughter)

I guess I will Figure out what to do I have 8 more months to decide!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Cleaning day.

here are some of my cleaners.

This and that cleaner (All purpose)
1/2 cup vinegar
a small squeeze Natural dish detergent
2-3 cups water
Essential oil of your choice! (I like Dragons blood myself, but also like lavender)

Mix all in spray bottle and get cleaning! (BTW I use 2-4 drops E.O. But sometimes more, To much and you will have an over powering perfumy smell)

Dirty floor detox
(I don't know how this reacts with certain floorings, I use it on my hard wood and tile)
A squeeze Natural dish soap
1/2 a cup of baking soda
essential oil (Again I like dragons blood, But Orange is nice as well)
1-2 drops tea tree oil

Shiny time glass cleaner
(This one is REAL easy)
Mix equal parts vinegar and water
you may add tea tree oil, but its not a must.

Shaking the sneezes dusting water
(I would recommend making sure this doesn't damage certain finishes)
1/2 cup vinegar
the juice of half lemon
1 cup water.

I hope this helps some get a start on getting Clean and Green!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A few steps backwards

I started washing My clothes by hand a few weeks ago...
I work at whenever need be and I have to say I really enjoy it!

Yes, I have a washing machine, But frankly it doesn't do the job as well as I do and uses twice the Water!
I got this strange notion that I could do a better job by hand for most things (Not my cloth diapers thought...I use the machine for them) and I was right.

I started making my own laundry soap, washing by hand and hang drying, My Kids LOVE it...My daughter Will about fight me to get her hands in the wash water and do some cleaning (Makes me so proud!)
My niece comes on laundry Making Day and grates the soap while I do everything else.
Its a big help and cuts my work time by half (And If need be I can chase the baby while she grates!)

Ahhh A few steps "Backwards" and My life feels so easy...I cook, clean, and care for my babies and Fur babies...
Since all my lifestyle changes I feel like a better person, and feel like I don't have to worry as much....Simplifying has really Changed my life for the better.
and a small task like washing the clothes by hand just makes me feel good.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The garden is growing Like crazy!

everything is growing so well this year!
Its wonderful seeing how hard work becomes such a bounty in a matter of months!
We have Large tomatoes that will be red before the 4th of July (That's my guess at least) and the Blueberries are turning Blue and I got to eat a few today They where SO good straight off they Bush!
I have some peppers coming in (the only bad part is that they are supposed to be bell peppers! they where mislabeled!) they are yummy and sweet...not hot.
My zucchini is growing extremely fast, as is my cauliflower!
Peas are vining quickly and the beans have flowers!
I got to eat baby greens from one of my pots today, they where so tender....the BEST salad I EVER had!
Its so worth while to plant a garden, I now couldn't imagine summer without it!

My chickens are growing

My chicks are starting to look like chickens, Its so neat to watch them root around in the dirt and Dust bath!
They are eating Like crazy and enjoying their new coupe, I cant wait to see what they look like full grown!
I have to say I cant believe how easy raising chickens has been so far, While you do have to clean the coupe out (Not hard since the bottom slides out and is lined with newspaper!) and you have to check their food a few times a day...But they are the EASIEST animals I have cared for yet!
I hope anyone afraid to have chickens for fear that they are hard work reads this, They are easy, and fun!
Its so funny to watch them day in and day out...They have such personalities! Annebelle is a fighter LOL she likes to Jump and Abbigail....Abbigail is Lazy when you let her out to roam she falls over and goes to sleep (Not always but allot!)
I have to say I LOVE CHICKENS!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Could they survive?

Could most people survive if we had a crisis and their was no gas, Not food at the Store, and no one to save them?

I dont thinks so,It maybe Crazy to think about, maybe its scary (It scares me) But Sitting back acting like that cant happen is a death sentance if it does happen!
People now Dont have basic survival Skills, They wouldnt know how to Forage for food, How to garden or save seeds, They wouldnt know how to get meat, They wouldnt know how to survive!

I dread the topic, Because I usually am made to feel as if I was crazy, But to me its crazy that no one else seems to worry about how they and their families would survive.

I wish more people would open their minds to what could happen if things keep going in this direction....we could not be able to afford foor, or gas...and State Aid isnt going to be able to bail out everone.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

living a frugal Life

It seems simple enough right?

Its harder then it seems sometimes, Especially when you need things!
I had to buy canning gear, and get food at the store (I HATE buying food anymore), we needed some pectin and other things.

I hope that soon I will be better at being frugal, So far I haven't done so well...But doing better at it day by day.

I am Learning to quilt now, and going to start making summer Dresses for the girls.
I Learned how to can, that will save us money in the Long run though!
I Have re-started making my own laundry soap and got some kerosene lamps_sp_ (thanks Grandma!)
I have made all my cleaners except dish soap.
I am also hoping to learn to make bath soaps as well.

I have been thrifting, Hoping to find fabric and odds and ends like buttons and other things of that nature.
I Did find an old petal foot singer sewing machine(My mothers day gift From My Hubby) which I will be learning to use, but for now I am using the singer Sewing Machine From Wal-mart that Hubby got me for x-mas (LOL I have 3 machines all together now, I also have a singer "rocketier" from the early 60's).
Its So much more fun bargain Hunting at Yard sales and thrift store then going to the mall....I cant count how many Items I find with tags still on!

I have started Meal planning and that's going well, It stops me from impulse Shopping (well Mostly).

I am Learning the Ins and outs of the frugal Life...slowly mind you.

Now its time for me to iron some fabric for my daughters new Quilt...she needs a New blanket since her store bought one is a bit tattered (Yeah, One year and it looks like crap...Thanx wal-mart :(


The garden is growing like mad!

We have Huge tomatoes Coming in, They should start ripening soon!
The Blueberries are turing Purple and the strawberries are Red!
My bell peppers are coming in and the Zuccini plants are Huge!
Peas are up to my knees and The beans are getting flowers.
My salad greens are Getting Bigger By the Minute!

We even got to eat a bit from the garden today, Just Green Onions But they where the best ever!

Its so nice to see our Garden in full swing! everything is Doing SO well this year, and I hope that they produce Like they are growing now!

My Cherries are also starting to turn Red! (Woooo Cherry Pie!)

I am SO excited, It seems we will have a great year, Lets just all Hope those bettle things dont destroy anything later this Year.


I canned for the first time today.

It was fun and easy! I was so amazed at how easy it was! I was putting it off because I was afraid that it was going to be way to difficult to do all summer long.

I decided To learn how before my garden came in so I picked up organic strawberries and made jam, Its a little thin but Its still REALLY good!

So now I have confidence in canning everything for winter!

I hope everyone who thought it would be to hard gives it a try, I had Fun doing it and can wait for picking season to start so I can learn to make all kinds of great canned food!

Monday, June 8, 2009

long weekend

This was such a long weekend.

Family picnic and grad party....and other things as well.

I need to get caught up on my Garden now and fix somethings around the house (I swear Gone for two days and everything falls apart!)

We had fun though and the Amazing thing is we have family who shares some of our values when it comes to Organic Gardening and the Like (Which is cool because we dont have allot in common with allot of the family....we are the "weird" "country" family who doesnt want to swim in the same stream as everyone else.)

Our Grandma Liked what she heard about the Garden and our chicks....She thinks its great!

It was in all a fun weekend filled with family, friends, and Good food!
And the Only real damage was my camera is ruined due to a thunderstorm and My leaving it outside in the rush.

Monday, June 1, 2009

this week

Had a Bad week I guess.

It was a "good" week but not for me.

I spent far to much money, and we shopped to much...

I hate spending money, and Part of my goals is to spend less stay home more and thiss week I failed at it.

It wouldnt have been so bad but I didnt spend money on things I need just junk I didnt need.

But Nothing I can do about it now, I will just have to suck it up and do better this week.

Well, I have more updates coming soon and new pictures of my garden to post.