Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring has sprung!

Our garden is Tilled, and the Chicks are tucked away in a cage in the bathroom waiting for bigger warmer feathers!
How is spring already here?

I got a New washer for clothing, its a Tub from farm and fleet LOL and I plan to buy a wash board from to make it complete...

So excite for the summer ahead, the planting and saving of food, the building of our chicken coop and MAYBE the loss of a Fridge...(we will see LOL)...Camping and fires with home cooked food from the cast iron skillet!!! I can smell the fresh air country air and bacon now!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring is in the air!

Ahhh The sweet smell of spring...The smell of rain, and mud! I Love it!

Plans for this years garden are under way! We are looking for our seed and Going to be starting them soon! Its Always a Blast to get going in the Spring! We are starting To get things Cleaned up and sorted after a winter of collecting junk LOL Hope to do a Full spring cleaning this up coming weekend...but its up to the weather!

Chicken plans are underway as well...we are hoping to get 2-3 silkies they will be my 5y.o. Bday gift!

Just so excited to get things underway!!!!

Lucien is born

Lucien was born Feb, 26th
He was 8lbs 14 oz. 21 inches long!

He is Nursing well and Doing great!!!