Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Getting ready for Yule

I know that its still a long ways off (Well not really only 5 months-ish!)...But why not get a headstart?
I am planning on making all the gifts for my children and family this year...
I plan on making homemade Goodies for the family Like soaps and body scrubs (and Closer to yule cookies and yummy goodies!)

I am going to start a few blankets for My girls and their cousin Hannah. Then also going to make them stuffed animals...

I plan on canning some homemade jellies and jams for them and then the day before yule making some sweet breads to go with them.

I Have allot to do before then and It will take some time since I have to make things for the new baby as well.

I am also making a art set for the older kids...But I will buy the things and put it together

I am going to get started next week with the blankets, and the start a few baby blankets to...we will see how it goes from there.

ahhh fall in july

Yep...I would swear fall is on its way in right now...

It hasn't been warm here! its Kind of driving me nuts (And making me want pumpkin pie!)
My garden is still growing vary well...I have another dozen tomatoes ready to be plucked (I plucked 6 yesterday) My Peas are ready...and we have about 40 bell peppers that are almost ready...My Cabbage has come in (All at once like always)

Yeah its been a short summer...and I am starting to wish that fall was really would be fun if it was cooler and we where going to get fresh apple cider donuts and Hot apple Cider...

Oh well....maybe it will warm up soon.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Big news has a bit of change

My due date is NOT the 4 th of is Feb 23 (Hubby's birthday)
My ultrasound was showing me at 6 weeks not for (It does make sense with my Menstrual)

Today I am 7 weeks 3 days With a Long ways to Go!


Sickness set in at my house a few days ago...
My youngest was first...High fever then she went horse.
Then My Elder daughter got a sore throat.
Now I have what feels to be a double ear infection, and a Killer sore throat (On top of the morning sickness)
UGH, I think I got hit the hardest, its not fun.
I have tried a few things tonight, I used Garlic/willow oil in my ears... Gargled Vinegar, then drank some hot lemon water with a touch of honey.
My ears feel a bit better, but my throat is almost worse now (Maybe in the morning it will feel better).

I have to say its this weird weather, its been odd here and Quit cold (For july) and its been rainy and gross...I hope we get some warmer, dry days soon...maybe that would help my ickiness.