Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I cant wait any longer

I Pulled out my fall items...

Not Halloween, Just fall...Like my wreath, and my pumpkin coffee mugs and Sugar container
and little odds and ends...I know I am a bit headed of myself But I cant help it...My fall crops are coming in and I think its time to "Doll up" my house for fall...because I swear here fall is only a month and a half long then we have Snow...So I want it to Last a Bit!!!!

I wonder if people think I am crazy LOL

Sunday, August 9, 2009

We have a birth plan

As of late we have been thinking strongly of my births.

My first was in a Hospital, My second was in a hotel room with a Midwife (If you MUST know why the hotel...you can IM or e-mail me)

Now, I just feel that My Husband and I are going to go unassisted.
I know this is a touchy subject for many...even for me, since I feel so strongly about it....I feel it is the best choice for me and the best choice for My baby.

I also feel it is the best choice for my family....I Have done the research, thought this through long and hard (Yeah for a LONG time...since I was Pregnant with my second child...over two years ago now.)

I am Vary excited about my choice, yet sadly can not tell my whole family since they tend to be fear mongers (And I mean the pop off with crazy stuff to...not just the "what ifs").
I saddens my husband and I to keep this a secret but since most of them seemed offended that I chose to forgo the Epidural last time...they wouldn't take to this well.

Anyways, I just thought I would post this...since the pregnancy is such a Big part of My life at this point.

(For those who would like more information on UC www.unassistedchildbirth.com is a great place to start)

Ahhh fall is coming slowly but surely

I am feeling vary good about this year, We have plans to visit a few Apple orchards (Mmmm fresh apples)
and then OF COURSE Pumpkin Patches Galore.

While the PP doesn't open for awhile...a few Apple orchards have apples ready...I will be buying a few bushels so that I can can and store Apple butter, Apple pie filling, Apple sauce, and Apple Jelly.

I will also be freezing apple slices so that I can use them in recipes all winter...I Cant wait. I LOVE the tastes of fall!

I will also be buying many pumpkins, I plan on having enough to last us through winter...I plan on making everything from Pumpkin pie filling through pumpkin butter...I have ALLOT of recipes being handed to me right now so after I test them all I will post them.

I just cant wait...I am so thrilled.