Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ahhh fall is coming slowly but surely

I am feeling vary good about this year, We have plans to visit a few Apple orchards (Mmmm fresh apples)
and then OF COURSE Pumpkin Patches Galore.

While the PP doesn't open for awhile...a few Apple orchards have apples ready...I will be buying a few bushels so that I can can and store Apple butter, Apple pie filling, Apple sauce, and Apple Jelly.

I will also be freezing apple slices so that I can use them in recipes all winter...I Cant wait. I LOVE the tastes of fall!

I will also be buying many pumpkins, I plan on having enough to last us through winter...I plan on making everything from Pumpkin pie filling through pumpkin butter...I have ALLOT of recipes being handed to me right now so after I test them all I will post them.

I just cant wait...I am so thrilled.

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