Thursday, July 9, 2009


Sickness set in at my house a few days ago...
My youngest was first...High fever then she went horse.
Then My Elder daughter got a sore throat.
Now I have what feels to be a double ear infection, and a Killer sore throat (On top of the morning sickness)
UGH, I think I got hit the hardest, its not fun.
I have tried a few things tonight, I used Garlic/willow oil in my ears... Gargled Vinegar, then drank some hot lemon water with a touch of honey.
My ears feel a bit better, but my throat is almost worse now (Maybe in the morning it will feel better).

I have to say its this weird weather, its been odd here and Quit cold (For july) and its been rainy and gross...I hope we get some warmer, dry days soon...maybe that would help my ickiness.

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