Thursday, June 11, 2009


The garden is growing like mad!

We have Huge tomatoes Coming in, They should start ripening soon!
The Blueberries are turing Purple and the strawberries are Red!
My bell peppers are coming in and the Zuccini plants are Huge!
Peas are up to my knees and The beans are getting flowers.
My salad greens are Getting Bigger By the Minute!

We even got to eat a bit from the garden today, Just Green Onions But they where the best ever!

Its so nice to see our Garden in full swing! everything is Doing SO well this year, and I hope that they produce Like they are growing now!

My Cherries are also starting to turn Red! (Woooo Cherry Pie!)

I am SO excited, It seems we will have a great year, Lets just all Hope those bettle things dont destroy anything later this Year.

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