Thursday, June 11, 2009

living a frugal Life

It seems simple enough right?

Its harder then it seems sometimes, Especially when you need things!
I had to buy canning gear, and get food at the store (I HATE buying food anymore), we needed some pectin and other things.

I hope that soon I will be better at being frugal, So far I haven't done so well...But doing better at it day by day.

I am Learning to quilt now, and going to start making summer Dresses for the girls.
I Learned how to can, that will save us money in the Long run though!
I Have re-started making my own laundry soap and got some kerosene lamps_sp_ (thanks Grandma!)
I have made all my cleaners except dish soap.
I am also hoping to learn to make bath soaps as well.

I have been thrifting, Hoping to find fabric and odds and ends like buttons and other things of that nature.
I Did find an old petal foot singer sewing machine(My mothers day gift From My Hubby) which I will be learning to use, but for now I am using the singer Sewing Machine From Wal-mart that Hubby got me for x-mas (LOL I have 3 machines all together now, I also have a singer "rocketier" from the early 60's).
Its So much more fun bargain Hunting at Yard sales and thrift store then going to the mall....I cant count how many Items I find with tags still on!

I have started Meal planning and that's going well, It stops me from impulse Shopping (well Mostly).

I am Learning the Ins and outs of the frugal Life...slowly mind you.

Now its time for me to iron some fabric for my daughters new Quilt...she needs a New blanket since her store bought one is a bit tattered (Yeah, One year and it looks like crap...Thanx wal-mart :(

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