Monday, June 8, 2009

long weekend

This was such a long weekend.

Family picnic and grad party....and other things as well.

I need to get caught up on my Garden now and fix somethings around the house (I swear Gone for two days and everything falls apart!)

We had fun though and the Amazing thing is we have family who shares some of our values when it comes to Organic Gardening and the Like (Which is cool because we dont have allot in common with allot of the family....we are the "weird" "country" family who doesnt want to swim in the same stream as everyone else.)

Our Grandma Liked what she heard about the Garden and our chicks....She thinks its great!

It was in all a fun weekend filled with family, friends, and Good food!
And the Only real damage was my camera is ruined due to a thunderstorm and My leaving it outside in the rush.

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