Monday, June 15, 2009

The garden is growing Like crazy!

everything is growing so well this year!
Its wonderful seeing how hard work becomes such a bounty in a matter of months!
We have Large tomatoes that will be red before the 4th of July (That's my guess at least) and the Blueberries are turning Blue and I got to eat a few today They where SO good straight off they Bush!
I have some peppers coming in (the only bad part is that they are supposed to be bell peppers! they where mislabeled!) they are yummy and sweet...not hot.
My zucchini is growing extremely fast, as is my cauliflower!
Peas are vining quickly and the beans have flowers!
I got to eat baby greens from one of my pots today, they where so tender....the BEST salad I EVER had!
Its so worth while to plant a garden, I now couldn't imagine summer without it!

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