Monday, June 15, 2009

My chickens are growing

My chicks are starting to look like chickens, Its so neat to watch them root around in the dirt and Dust bath!
They are eating Like crazy and enjoying their new coupe, I cant wait to see what they look like full grown!
I have to say I cant believe how easy raising chickens has been so far, While you do have to clean the coupe out (Not hard since the bottom slides out and is lined with newspaper!) and you have to check their food a few times a day...But they are the EASIEST animals I have cared for yet!
I hope anyone afraid to have chickens for fear that they are hard work reads this, They are easy, and fun!
Its so funny to watch them day in and day out...They have such personalities! Annebelle is a fighter LOL she likes to Jump and Abbigail....Abbigail is Lazy when you let her out to roam she falls over and goes to sleep (Not always but allot!)
I have to say I LOVE CHICKENS!

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