Friday, June 12, 2009

Could they survive?

Could most people survive if we had a crisis and their was no gas, Not food at the Store, and no one to save them?

I dont thinks so,It maybe Crazy to think about, maybe its scary (It scares me) But Sitting back acting like that cant happen is a death sentance if it does happen!
People now Dont have basic survival Skills, They wouldnt know how to Forage for food, How to garden or save seeds, They wouldnt know how to get meat, They wouldnt know how to survive!

I dread the topic, Because I usually am made to feel as if I was crazy, But to me its crazy that no one else seems to worry about how they and their families would survive.

I wish more people would open their minds to what could happen if things keep going in this direction....we could not be able to afford foor, or gas...and State Aid isnt going to be able to bail out everone.

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