Sunday, May 17, 2009

My garden

So its done!

My garden is Planted (Woooo!)

We have tomatoes, Peas, Green beans, Brussels, cabbage, Zuccini, Cauliflower, Bluebarries, Onions, Cucumbers, bell peppers and we will plant the pumpkins in a few weeks!

Not to mention all my herbs!

Its so nice to have it done! Now all I have to do is get a few rain barrels and we wont have to use city water to take care of them!

I bought canning stuff last year but was afraid to start canning, so we gave lots of food away...But not this year! We are going to can, Freeze, and dry it!

Its so Nice to produce your own food! You know EXACTLY where is comes from and have the Joy of fresh, Healthy food!

Oh and I got my clothes line back up as well! ahhh they joys of life are so simple!

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