Sunday, May 17, 2009

Being Oldfashioned

I wasn't always "Old fashioned" I used to Love the "Modern" Life everyone seems to follow today...I use Sposies, Ate Processed Foods (I still drink Soda) and Loved my Chemical cleaners.

My first daughter Got the "mainstream" treatment...

She was born in the hospital with drugs, wore sposies, Got all her shots, Ate Jar babyfood, the list goes on and on!

But when I get Pregnant with My second Child Things just changed, I started wondering what I was doing, and why I was doing it. What was In the Baby shampoo? What Chemicals where Sprayed on our food? What was My family breathing when I cleaned the house? What was I dong to us? To our Home? and to the Planet we ALL live on?

and so it began, My quest to know what is REALLY going on when I take care of my family and home.

I started Small, I was pregnant and worried about Birth. I had issues with the Epidural when I had my first so that was a big NO WAY for me, But what about the Other drugs they offer?
Where they good for me? More importantly where they good for My baby?
The answer was no, Drugs effect the baby the same way they effect mom, should My baby be forced to take medications that make us feel wacked out? To me the answer was Clear, NO!

So I found a doctor and stuck with him for awhile, Until I talked to him about wanting to walk around and use a Birthing ball and a Bath tube for pain relief...He told me NO, that women ALWAYS give birth on their back and that I wouldn't be allowed to get up and Move!
So I set out for something else, I found a Midwife My Prayers where answered!

I gave birth To a healthy baby girl in a hotel room In WI (Homebirth with a Midwife is Illegal In my state so No "homeBirth") After 47 Hours of labor and 1 hour of pushing.

I found alternatives to Mainstream Chemical babybath products after learning about the Chemicals they put in them...NO THANKS!

We chose to eat Organics, Because if I wouldn't spray and apple with raid then rinse it and eat it why would I buy something that basically has been?

We chose Cloth Diapers. I know, I know sounds scary doesn't it?
Well its not, and Really its easy! No late night trips to the store, No Chemicals on my baby!

Then Home-made Cleaners! Its Cheaper and YES it cleans JUST as well (I will make a post later Of how to make your own!

so that's where it began (I do allot more now LOL).

Getting started in old fashioned life starts with the basic need to know whats going into making your family healthy!

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